The Code Series

The Code (Book 1)

The Code: Into the Wild West (Book 2)

The Code: Road to Camelot  (Book 3)
It was just another day, or so it seemed to Mitch, as he walked through the library. That is, until he found an old dusty book hidden underneath one of the bookshelves. Little did he know the power that it held and the dangers that came with it. 

When Mitch begins typing codes into a search engine on his computer he never imagined that he would be transported into cyberspace and land in the Bermuda Triangle. His only hope was his twin brother, Sid, who saw him disappear. Will Sid be able to save him in time?
Not Again!  

"Don't! Mitch, what are you doing?" Sid reached over to hit the delete key just as Mitch swiped his hand away.  His hand hit "Enter" instead. Poof...Sid was gone. Sid finds himself in the Wild West.  Not only did he travel to a different place but also to a different time period. Will Mitch and Maggie find him in time?
Dearest Mitch, 

I've gone in search of help. Time is of the essence and I had to leave right away. Please don't look for me as you will not find me. I'm sorry to have left you like this but it was the only way. We will find him. Trust me!


     Sid looked up at Mitch, "What happened? Where's Maggie?" Mitch sighed and sat down beside me. "I don't know what happened and I don't know where she is and I don't know how to get her back. 
     Sid looked angrily at him and yelled, "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" 
     "My fault? My fault? How is this MY fault?" Mitch yelled back. You were the one that hit the ENTER button. Not me!"
     "If you weren't snooping around and found that stupid book in the first place none of this would have happened!" Sid yelled. "We'd be normal kids, living our boring lives, and Maggie would still be here!"

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