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This is what life is about, Allie thought watching her three best friends dancing. It's about good times, laughter, and letting it all go. 

Until things go too far.

"Jenna Lewis, you are hereby under arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol and of second degree manslaughter. Jenna looked over at her mother, "WHAT HAPPENED?" she screamed. Jenna has no memory of what happened that night but has a feeling she is innocent. Is she? If so, then who is responsible?
     But with parents who think the worst of her, friends she isn't allowed to contact, and a police officer ready to arrest her, she desperately tries to find out what really happened. If she was guilty of killing her best friend wouldn't she remember?

This thought provoking story is full of surprises and a tale of love, loss, friendship, and forgiveness. 


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  If anyone is interested in a book signing event I will be in various bookstores around the state once the book is out.​​

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